Food safety is a right. Confeuropa Consumers has promoted numerous and decisive battles, including judicial ones, to protect the health of consumers and for correct and complete information.

Confeuropa Consumers has formulated a proposal for the definition of “food quality” to production, processing, distribution companies and institutions to make price formation transparent throughout the supply chain and to introduce rules of ethical behavior for an ethical of supply chain.

Confeuropa Consumers has created a consumer education project ” Eat Healthy, Eat Sicilian is the Center for the dissemination and protection of Sicily’s excellent agro-food heritage”. Among the objectives: to make the consumer citizen more aware of the journey from the producer to the table, more careful in the selection of foods, more attentive to avoiding waste in the kitchen (savings at home and not in the shop). Here the information sheets and videos

“Eat Healthy, Eat Sicilian” is an initiative that mainly aims to disseminate knowledge of the agri-food heritage of Sicily and to encourage the consumption of its excellent products.