Who we are

A modern, efficient and dynamic CONFEUROPA CONSUMATORI  to “protect consumers and users” and at the service of Consumers .

CONFEUROPA CONSUMATORI  has the exclusive purpose of protecting the rights and interests of consumers and users in relation to third parties and public and private entities, producers and service providers, also through legal means, including in order to help eliminate market abuses and distortions, social discrimination, abuse and corruption and any other activity not in line with the regulatory principles that govern it; in that regard.

CONFEUROPA CONSUMATORI also provides assistance, guidance and training to consumers, whether associated or not, as well as free legal advice in the following sectors: e-commerce purchases, food, the environment, banks and insurance companies, homes and condominiums, settlements, instructions for use, Politics and society, Economic policy, First aid, Privacy, Research, Health and healthcare, School and university, Travel and tourism, Utilities,